Being a part of an Agile team is a beautiful journey toward potential great accomplishments. The joint effort of motivated individuals may lead to extraordinary results that are difficult to achieve while working individually. The success of the team is not build on the simple mechanics of a methodology, but on a relentless quest toward a different mindset.

Agile Excellerate is a tool that may be used at larger intervals of time and was designed to address the proper questions to each member of the team so they may jointly assess the health of their Agile practices. Based on the results, the team is able to identify more profound issues and challenges that they are facing. Then, team members may use the next retrospective to discuss and prioritize potential solutions that will improve their work process.

Agile Excellerate has two components, both of them delivering value to Agile teams.


The first component is a questionnaire consisting of a series of statements to which the respondents must indicate their validity, using a unique scale of values: from Never to Always. The answers are anonymous to ensure their complete honesty.

Just by reading the statements, the team members are walked through a series of important Agile topics that will refresh in their memory practical aspects of the Agile manifesto.


The second component is a report that contains the aggregated results of the team responses. The strong and weak points of the team are emphasized, along with indications about areas where there are significant variances of opinion between team members.

By analyzing the results the team members are able to discuss and decide together which are the most appropriate actions to improve their current Agile practice and to sharpen their collaboration skills.

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